Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 4 January 2004

1 Hellion Welcome (To My Humble Home) Massacre
2 Everyday Zulu Den Essegkrou (DIY)
3 Catch 22 Rocky Victory
4 La Ruda Salska L'Odyssée du Réel Yelen Musiques
5 Streetlight Manifesto A Moment Of Silence Victory
6 Wohlstandskinder Ein Tor war es nicht Vitaminepillen
7 Stupid Vancouver One Take
8 Landmine Spring #9 Day After
9 Flatcat Hear Tonight Funtime / Eye Spy
10 Soon Are We Getting Closer? Funtime
11 Snapcase Mountain Song Victory
12 Clawfinger Out To Get Me Supersonic
13 Cannibal Corpse Severed Head Stoning Metal Blade
14 Ganesha Doux Leurre (DIY)
15 Vodka Juniors Ideas Fade At Night Sperma
16 Prototype Trinity Massacre
17 Slo Burn Pilot The Dune Malicious Vinyl
18 Lucky Sperms Cow At The Sacrifice Jagjaguwar
19 Turmoil 60 Minute Void Century Media
20 Lickgoldensky Opposite Of Awesome Escape Artists / Conspiracy
21 Monochrome Flimmern Transsolar
22 Bayside Poison In My Veins Victory
23 Screamin' Stukas C'mon Baby Yeah Tug
24 Screamin' Stukas Some Fun Tonight Tug
25 Screamin' Stukas My My Girl (Just Fell In Love) Tug


Screamin' Stukas

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