Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 25 January 2004

1 Beans Hey Kid Winged Skull
2 Schwitzende Schweine Grufti Amoeba
3 Neurosis & Jarboe Taker Neurot
4 One Dimensional Man It Hurts Gamma Pop
5 Killtime Whos The Girl With The 28 T-Shirt Winged Skull
6 Killed By Malaise (Demo Track No. 3) (DIY)
7 Killing Game Show Pyromaniac Kahunah / One Take
8 Milk And Blood Special Tea SPV
9 Michael Harris Wash My Soul Away Lion
10 Atari Teenage Riot Get Up While You Can DHR
11 The Mass We Enslaved Elves To Build Our Death Machine Monotreme
12 Beastie Boys Heart Attack Man Casino Royal
13 Yellow Press Heads On Sticks Silver Skate
14 El Kind Was wissen wir von den Träumen, Audrey Hepburn? Noiseworks
15 Extinct Planning A Future Winged Skull
16 Orange Goblin Saruman's Wish Rise Above
17 Daniel Johnston Crazy Love Stress
18 Cornelius Fly Matador
19 Keelhaul Carl Vs. The 10,000 LB Shadow Hydrahead / Conspiracy
20 Buck East Coast Gave Me A Tan Kasual
21 Exhumed The Matter Of Splatter Relapse / Suburban
22 Exhumed Under The Knife Relapse / Suburban
23 Exhumed Death Walks Behind You Relapse / Suburban



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