Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 22 February 2004

1 Lab Beat The Boys Drakkar
2 Stasi/Disi Die Welt ist ein Hamsterrad (DIY)
3 Hypnos 69 Dragondance Rock'n'Roll Radio
4 Most Secret Method (Track 1) Christopher's Records
5 Couchgrass Christine (Advance)
6 Neighbour Rosicky Chumming The Ocean Christopher's Records
7 Disillusion Fall Metal Blade
8 Seven Feet Four Electroshocks Coalition
9 Kayo Dot A Pitcher Of Summer Tzadik
10 Winterbrief Manufacture Me Intellectos
11 Daniel Johnston The Dead Dog Laughing In The Cloud Stress
12 Chief Mart's 2informations (in 3 bottles) Sharktea
13 Torpid Duckwood Acracia
14 Grip Inc. Curse (Of The Cloth) Steamhammer / SPV
15 d-fact The Lines Never End Queesch
16 Fragments Of Unbecoming Skywards / A Sylphe's Ascension Metal Blade
17 King Diamond No More Me Massacre
18 King Diamond So Sad Massacre
19 King Diamond Christmas Massacre


King Diamond (Part 2)

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