Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 2 May 2004

1 Godflesh Messiah Relapse / Suburban
2 Zajedni Insert Coins (DIY)
3 TpunktError Das ist das Land (Promo)
4 Holger Hansen Zentralsex Musenhain
5 Hyperjinx Tricycle Disney Movie Important
6 Butch & Jean High From Amsterdam (DIY)
7 Fant˘mas One Step Beyond Ipecac
8 Under Byen Kyst Haldern Pop / Cargo
9 Yage Anders Leben Nova
10 Scars Of Tomorrow To Watch You Burn Victory
11 EA 80 Fix-Punkt EFA
12 Atreyu Lipgloss & Black Victory
13 Purren At Least Red Can
14 Ensign Anesthesia JTTP
15 Die Antwort Irgendein franz÷sischer Name Laughing Horse
16 Couchgrass Ode To Kim (DIY)
17 Tvesla Roboter Christopher's
18 Last Millennium Suckers One Second Against Your Life Stop Aids Now
19 Delbo Robert Sinnbus
20 Destiny Naunyn Street Lifeforce
21 Girls Against Boys The Come Down Jade Tree
22 Monstrosity A Casket For The Soul Metal Blade
23 Immortal Rites Dressed In Amazing Red Morbid
24 Immortal Rites United Scars Anthem Morbid
25 Immortal Rites Mirror Reflections Morbid


Immortal Rites

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