Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 6 June 2004

1 Silverstein Smashed Into Pieces Victory
2 Hawthorne Heights Life On Standby Victory
3 Atreyu Right Side Of The Bed Victory
4 Modern Life Is War By The Sea Reflections
5 Hate Squad Raging Hate Swell Creek
6 Incapacity Grand Future Disease Metal Blade
7 Criminal Consumed Metal Blade
8 Ancient Rape The Children Of Abel Metal Blade
9 Disinter Born To Darkness Morbid
10 Cock And Ball Torture Close Your Eyes And Bear It Morbid
11 Cattle Decapitation Polyps Metal Blade
12 Chumbawamba On eBay Edel
13 Petrograd ...For Oil. Hungry Ghosts
14 Torpid Bagger (DIY)
15 Eyston Fast Friday (DIY)
16 Daniel Johnston Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Your Grievances Stress
17 Babylon Mystery Orchestra A Celestial Kiss (DIY)
18 Victims Of Society Breaking The Walls Funtime
19 Great Kat Zapateado TPR
20 Grip Inc. The Answer Steamhammer / SPV
21 Herod Into The Sky Lifeforce
22 Beyond The Embrace Insect Song Metal Blade
23 A18 Fire In The Hole Victory


Great Kat

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