Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 4 July 2004

1 Greenfly Born Dead Morbid
2 Eisenpimmel Yo-Ging Hose Teenage Rebel
3 Johnny Cohen And The New Age Nazis Hitler Was A Speedfreak Motorwolf
4 Torpid Poebel Bibel Own
5 Poshblokes Oh Lord Winged Skull
6 Toxkäpp Gudd verséchert Winged Skull
7 Toxkäpp Virverurdeelt Winged Skull
8 Poshblokes Tchernobyl Winged Skull
9 Brainless Wankers The Idols Are Dead Rockhit
10 Plastic Ivy Jukebox Noiseworks
11 Broken Stars Save Yourself Winged Skull
12 Forstella Ford Uncommon Ground Flowerviolence
13 Gecko Brothers Give That Bitch A Beer Drunkabilly
14 Turbostaat U-Boot Manöver Rokkie
15 Clickclickdecker Weisst Bescheid Meerwert
16 Timid Tiger Headshakin' Sing Song Girls Highcat
17 Skinny Norris Fuck Unter Schafen
18 Daniel Johnston The Dream Is Over Knitting Factory
19 Icara Colt Bishop's Son Fantastic Plastic
20 Lord Bishop Sweet Georgia Brown Noiseworks
21 Torchous Neus Sinnbus
22 No Existe Mark E. What's So Funny About


Do Androïds Dream Of Eletric Sheep?, Toxkäpp

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