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Playlist 25 July 2004

1 Spitalfield I Loved The Way She Said L.A. Victory
2 Hawthorne Heights Ohio Is For Lovers Victory
3 Cast-Down Chemistry And The Works Funtime
4 Yucca Love Of Mud Alien Elch
5 LevelOmania Der Moment Hubble
6 Sofaplanet Nichts und Niemand Wannsee
7 Matt Boroff Touch Lo-End
8 Alabama Thunderpussy Struggling For Balance Relapse / Suburban
9 Heavils Heavilution Metal Blade
10 Wollongong In Times Of Trouble You Can Take My Hand Noiseworks
11 Lattekohlertor Wow, Indianer (DIY)
12 ClickClickDecker Du fühlst dich an wie Abschied Meerwert
13 Daniel Johnston Dreams Come True Stress
14 Today Is The Day Why They Hate Us Relapse / Suburban
15 Necrophagist Stabwound Relapse / Suburban
16 Cataract Nothing's Left Metal Blade
17 Amon Amarth An Ancient Sign Of Coming Storm Metal Blade
18 Calvarium Morbid Hordes Revenge Dynamic Arts
19 Ensoph Jaldabaoth At The Spring Of Time Cruz Del Sur
20 Situation Leclerq Shoulder (DIY)
21 Jens Friebe Gespenster What's So Funny About
22 Jens Friebe Wenn man euch die Geräte zeigt What's So Funny About
23 Jens Friebe Vorher Nachher Bilder What's So Funny About


Jens Friebe

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