Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 15 August 2004

1 Handsome Hank Blitzkrieg Bop Eastwest
2 Setting Sun Smooth Talk (DIY)
3 Dio One More For The Road Steamhammer / SPV
4 Landmine Spring I Saved You Day After
5 District My Babeez Number People Like You
6 Moussevingt The Travelling Twins ILL
7 High Kites Stung! (Mitropas Rave Mix) (DIY)
8 Clutch Raised By Horses Spitfire
9 Mastodon Blood & Thunder Relapse / Suburban
10 Stasi/Disi Die Welt ist ein Hamsterrad (DIY)
11 Sofaplanet Das Ultimative Wannsee
12 Torpid Pushmepullme (DIY)
13 Spyglass Blick auf die Uhr (DIY)
14 Eternal Tango Outcasted From The Human Circle (DIY)
15 Fink Hund II L'Âge D'Or
16 Slackers Old Dog Hellcat / Winged Skull
17 Neighbour Rosicky Chumming The Ocean Christopher's
18 Daniel Johnston Etiquette Stress
19 Lattekohlertor Komm nach Hause, Dietmar Foul Collective
20 Jens Friebe Vorher Nachher Bilder What's So Funny About
21 Bambix Frankie Vitaminepillen
22 Easyway Fake A Smile (My Mistake) Funtime
23 Kate Mosh Kick Nave And The Sad Beats Sinnbus
24 Kate Mosh Disappear Sinnbus
25 Kate Mosh Gone Through Done Away Sinnbus


Kate Mosh

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