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Playlist 22 August 2004

1 Snowdogs Popstars (Love This!) Victory
2 Champion One To Two JTTP
3 Die My Demon I Shot Kani Genet
4 Suffocation Immortally Condemned Relapse / Suburban
5 Cock And Ball Torture Sharp And Slender Morbid
6 Amon Amarth Valkyries Ride Metal Blade
7 Disillusion Back To Times Of Splendor Metal Blade
8 Chastain Malicious Pigs Massacre
9 Beyond The Embrace Plague Metal Blade
10 Deadsoul Tribe Spiders And Flies InsideOut
11 Time Of Orchids Voice Epicene
12 Daniel Johnston Evening Stars Stress
13 Coppelius Be Prepared Noiseworks
14 Gammalapagos The Rumour Vervetone
15 Ampersand The Corrections Raketemusik
16 Bayside Masterpiece Victory
17 Scars Of Tomorrow Will Hell Arise Victory
18 Hawthorne Heights Blue Burns Orange Victory
19 Hawthorne Heights Ohio Is For Lovers Victory
20 Hawthorne Heights Dissolve And Decay Victory


Hawthorne Heights

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