Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 29 August 2004

1 Wuoalfänger Kehrmaschine Tumbleweed
2 Daniel Johnston Everlasting Love Trikont
3 Schwarz The Impossible Dream Astro Discos / Tumbleweed
4 Metric Noise The Void Quartermain
5 dEFDUMp Going To Paris Self Fulfilment
6 Ikonoklast Myself JIB
7 Misery Signals In Response To Stars Ferret
8 Paris In Flames Broken Glass I.C. Recordings
9 Standstill Por Todas Las Cosas Defiance
10 Mastodon Hearts Alive Relapse / Suburban
11 Destiny Skies Dressed In Black Lifeforce
12 Cardboard Robots Chords & Kettles (DIY)
13 Grätenkinder Wo du wohnst Tumbleweed
14 Psychopunch Sacred Heresy Silverdust
15 Void Section Fox On The Run Funtime
16 P.O. Box Strike Back Winged Skull
17 Brainless Wankers Weapons Of Mass Distraction Rockhit
18 Bloodjunkies October Leaves People Like You
19 Stout Treadmill I.C. Recordings
20 Gorerotted Fuck Your Arse With Broken Glass Metal Blade
21 Compact Justice? Lining Letters I.C. Recordings
22 Radical Address No More Sell Out I.C. Recordings
23 Atreyu Right Side Of The Bed Victory
24 Atreyu The Crimson Victory



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