Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 5 September 2004

1 Vader Shape-Shifting Metal Blade
2 Vader Firebringer Metal Blade
3 Disinter Go Away And Rot!!! Morbid
4 Harlots They Have One Purpose And Will Give Their Power And Authority To The Beast FeelingFaint
5 Paris In Flames When Angels Fall I.C. Recordings
6 Black Friday '29 Never Given Back GSR
7 Spyglass Hoffnung (DIY)
8 John McAsskill Summerday 200-Two (DIY)
9 Broken Stars Save Yourself Winged Skull
10 Eyston Fast Friday (DIY)
11 Timesickness Know What Ya Consume Winged Skull
12 Torpid Bagger (DIY)
13 Cardboard Robots Chords & Kettles (DIY)
14 Cardboard Robots El Cortito (DIY)
15 Cardboard Robots Red Shift (DIY)
16 Cardboard Robots The Wet One (DIY)
17 Cardboard Robots Uma (DIY)
18 Nova International Bored Broken
19 Metric Noise Teenage Drunk Quartermain
20 Yellowish Solid Ground Quartermain
21 Schwarz Say Goodbye With A Kiss Astro Discos / Tumbleweed
22 Misery Signals Difference Of Vengeance And Wrongs Ferret


Cardboard Robots

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