Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 19 September 2004

1 Electric Turn To Me Watch Out For The Witch No Quarter / Conspiracy
2 Russ Defense Jumbo Jet Diary Red Can
3 Paris In Flames Revolution Inside I.C. Recordings
4 Boxhamsters Dien Bien Phu L'¬ge D'Or
5 Toner Low Fuel Motorwolf
6 Confuse The Cat Backwards Zeal
7 Grštenkinder Tausendmillionenmal lieber Tumbleweed
8 Trompetenvogel Trondheim Landvermessen (DIY)
9 Graceful Rage Road To Perdition (DIY)
9 The's Teenage Mojo Workout Sweet Nothing
10 Soon Second In A row Funtime
11 Hyperjinx Tricycle Face Your Doom Important
12 Ebbeynizer Screwdge You And Me Ate Morney Phoney Noiseworks
13 Saalschutz 19, 9 & 90 What's So Funny About
14 The Gathering Red Is A Slow Colour Century Media
15 Couchgrass La Pistolera (DIY)
16 Fabulous Disaster Minimize My Faith Pink & Black / Fat Wreck
17 Hello Kwitten 1-2 Kabel musst du wirklich schon gehen Sabotage
18 District No Heart People Like You
20 Metric Noise Here She Comes Quartermain
21 Monochrome Insomnia Transsolar
22 Amon Amarth An Ancient Sign Of Coming Storm Metal Blade
23 Amon Amarth The Valkyries Ride Metal Blade
24 Amon Amarth Beheading Of A King Metal Blade


Amon Amarth

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