Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 30 January 2005

1 Upstate Falling Missiles Broken Lamp
2 Messiah Johannes Paul der Letzte Massacre
3 Kreator World Anarchy Steamhammer / SPV
4 The More I See Violate Steamhammer / SPV
5 Das Scheit 7 Seconds Black Lotus
6 Inborn Spirals (La Arquitectura Del Cielo) (DIY)
7 Misery Signals Difference Of Vengeance And Wrongs Ferret
8 Man Behind Glass Cut (DIY)
9 Knëppel Réiwer Proll's Royce
10 Deadline The World Keeps Turning People Like You
11 District Pop Stars People Like You
12 Woog Riots Friends Of Mine What's So Funny About
13 Daniel Johnston & Mark Linkous Forever Your Love Gammon
14 Grätenkinder Fresse Omnidor
15 Deep Eynde Space Invaders People Like You
16 Squad 21 Rubber Suzie Go-Nuts
17 Grip Inc. Curse (Of The Cloth) Steamhammer / SPV
18 Secrecy Weapons Of Mass Destruction Goregiastic
19 God Dethroned Nihilism Metal Blade
20 Primordial The Gathering Wilderness Metal Blade
21 Primordial The Song Of The Tomb Metal Blade



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