Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 13 March 2005

1 Shoehouse Temptress Some Guy Down The Street
2 Fast Friday Ego Kiss (DIY)
3 Fast Friday Desperate Perfection (DIY)
4 Fast Friday So Died The Beautiful (DIY)
5 Fast Friday This One (DIY)
6 Fast Friday Distortions (DIY)
7 Wasted The Prisoner Boss Tuneage
8 Car Crash Car Crash IV Timer
9 Sonic Boom Six Let The Children Play Moon Ska
10 Martyr AD The Serpent And The Flower Victory
11 Dead To Fall Stand Your Ground Victory
12 Ex-Inferis Stabbed By The Cross DaliTec / Noiseworks
13 John McAsskill Zahnweh (DIY)
14 Schrottgrenze Fernglas Weird System
15 Boxhamsters Dien Bien Phu L'Age D'Or
16 Engine Down Cover Lookout
17 Plakeg oder Ugedoen Graasmann (DIY)
18 Daniel Johnston Funeral Home Stress
19 Daniel Johnston Funeral Home Knitting Factory
20 Leaving Trains Black Hole SST
21 Plastilinovy JiNN We Are Penumbra
22 I Walk The Line Vagrant's Burden Combat Rock
23 Ramesses Witchampton Dark Reign


Fast Friday

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