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Playlist 10 April 2005

1 Zeke Ride To Live Relapse / Suburban
2 High On Fire To Cross The Bridge Relapse / Suburban
3 Gem The Opposite Haldern Pop
4 Subrosa Falcon Association Chunk Red Can
5 Deep Eynde Killing Time People Like You
6 Debris Inc. You're The Reason I'm Medicated Rise Above
7 Six Feet Under Shadow Of The Reaper Metal Blade
8 Last To Go No Feelings Ashcan
9 Defeat Stop Torturing Animals Ashcan
10 Bathtub Shitter Fuck You Power It Up
11 Origin Reciprocal Relapse / Suburban
12 Red Death Frames Of Reference Metal Blade
13 Black Maria The Memento Victory
14 Sinai Beach To The Church Victory
15 Morbid Angel Chapel Of Ghouls Earache
16 HateSphere Trip At The Brain Steamhammer / SPV
17 Fast Friday Distortions (DIY)
18 John McAsskill 'Mr' White (DIY)
19 Lord Bishop Rocks Devil Inside Noiseworks
20 Chaos Am Re Choose Life DNR
21 Daniel Johnston Ghost Of Our Love Stress
22 Riamiwo I Should Know OneTake
23 MacBeth Lifelong Hope Dragonheart
24 MacBeth How Can Heaven Love Me Dragonheart
25 MacBeth Henceforth Dragonheart



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