Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 29 May 2005

1 Cattle Decapitation Bukkake Tsunami Metal Blade
2 Fast Friday Distortions (DIY)
3 Time Of Orchids Everyone Is Suspended Tzadik
4 Jesse Krakow and Scott Bruzenak Squalm Magnacarta
5 Daniel Johnston Go Stress
6 Sparklehorse with the Flaming Lips Go Gammon
7 This Beautiful Mess Kid Of Thee Decoder
8 Schneider TM Reality Check Hazelwood
9 Nightingales Laura Bell Humppa
10 Viva L'American Death Ray Music Push And Pull Transsolar
11 Marvins Revolt Surfin' The Sun Marvins
12 Scut Aspirin Tumbleweed
13 Song To The Siren Sane / Insane Karmacraft
14 Bizibox On Magazines Tumbleweed
15 Foggy Bottom A cause de toi (DIY)
16 Schwitzende Schweine Teschnoschlampe On-Of
17 Nile Cast Down The Heretic Relapse / Suburban
18 Gorerotted Adding Insult To Injury Metal Blade
19 Powerwolf Mr Sinister Metal Blade
20 Powerwolf Kiss Of The Cobra King Metal Blade
21 Powerwolf The Evil Made Me Do It Metal Blade



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