Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 12 June 2005

1 Six Feet Under The Art Of Headhunting Metal Blade
2 Spiritual Beggars Throwing Your Life Away InsideOut
3 Grand Magus Blood Oath Rise Above
4 Witchcraft Chylde Of Fire Rise Above
5 Moof Schëppen Ass (DIY)
6 Presto Ballet The Fringes InsideOut
7 Circulus My Body Is Made Of Sunlight Rise Above
8 Sad Eyed Lemurs Yante (DIY)
9 Daniel Johnston Go Some More Stress
10 Jacob Faurholt & Sweetie Pie Wilbur Alone With You Quartermain
11 This Beautiful Mess Don't Go There Decoder
12 Forecast Seating Subject To Availability Victory
13 Drapes I Hate Surfers Hound Dog
14 Local Boys Masturbate Decoder
15 Generators In Memory Of People Like You
16 Andthewinneris All This Was Funny Until She Did The Same To Me Rockhit
17 Last To Go Little Devil Ashcan
18 Leng Tch'e The Fist Of The Leng Tch'e Relapse / Suburban
19 Darkest Hour Convalescence Victory
20 Red Death Silent Machines Metal Blade
21 Vicious Boots Of Led Sound Riot
22 Atargatis From Sirinus (DIY)
23 Atargatis Forlorn Soul (In Remembrance) (DIY)
24 Atargatis Angels Crying (DIY)



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