Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 10 July 2005

1 Dillinger Escape Plan Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants Relapse / Suburban
2 Junior Varsity Everyone's Got Something They're Running Out Of Victory
3 Spitalfield Van Buren Victory
4 Snitch Chasing Stars Winged Skull / Fond Of Life
5 Action Action Drug Like (Radio Edit) Victory
6 Lodger I Love Death Onomato Pop
7 Ramjet If We Were Ramjet
8 Desert Planet Granny Hunt 9pm
9 Aavikko Una Lira Soluzione 9pm
10 New Artist Butterflies Kenola
11 Daniel Johnston God Stress
12 Wicked Immigrant Veranda Myth Friendly Psychics Music
13 Rob And The Pinhole Stars High Society Mi Amante / BSF
14 Darkest Hour Sound The Surrender Victory
15 A Perfect Murder Strength Through Vengeance Victory
16 As I Lay Dying The Darkest Nights Metal Blade
17 Neaera The World Devourers Metal Blade
18 Powergod Fall Out / Long Live The Loud Massacre
19 Wizard Metal Limb
20 Casus Belli Isolation Limb
21 Losa Unsuspecting Mind Metal Blade
22 Losa From The Ashes Of Infancy Metal Blade
23 Losa The Beginning Metal Blade



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