Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 24 July 2005

1 Necrophagist Only Ash Remains Relapse / Suburban
2 Cool Feet Ich hab Ehrfurcht vor schneeweißen Haaren DNR
3 Ramesses The Tomb HCP
4 Pieta Itukane Kioku (DIY)
5 Red Chord Upper Decker Metal Blade
6 Amora Savant Riding A Wave Of Wishful Thinking Volatile
7 Black Maria Betrayal Victory
8 Forecast Whiskey's Dead, You're Next Victory
9 Code 4-15 Sunny Side Of The Street Winged Skull / Fond Of Life
10 Local Boys Local Boys Decoder
11 BluesBrotherCastro Little Shit Decoder
12 Mr GerryManders Hot Sausage Hound Dog
13 John McAsskill Bleiwasser (DIY)
14 Fast Friday Ego Kiss (DIY)
15 Defeat No Borders, No Nations Ashcan
16 Daniel Johnston Going Down Stress
17 Enno Palucca Killermaschine Micropal
18 Supergroup The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime Micropal
19 Circulus Swallow Rise Above
20 Presto Ballet Sunshine InsideOut
21 Infidel/Castro? The Onset Of Life Crucial Blast
22 Redemption Threads Massacre
23 Redemption Scarred Massacre



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