Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 31 July 2005

1 J.B.O. Satan ist wieder da Lawine / BMG
2 Sad But True Friedensfahne (DIY)
3 LaGuerra You As You Really Are Tocado
4 Atreyu The Crimson Victory
5 Hawthorne Heights Niki FM Victory
6 Silverstein The Ides Of March Victory
7 Spitalfield Gold Dust vs. State Of Illinois Victory
8 Forecast Helping Hands Victory
9 This Beautiful Mess Everything Is Held Now Decoder
10 Björn Kleinhenz Something Good Mi Amante / BSF
11 Jacob Faurholt & Sweetie Pie Wilbur Faceless Ones Quartermain
12 Daniel Johnston The Goldfish & The Frog Stress
13 Wicked Immigrant Fake Virgins Arrested! Friendly Psychics Music
14 IOIOI La fille qui donne le bonheur Ebria
15 New Artist Hey DJ! Kenola
16 International Friendship Society Your Story Blunoise
17 Time Of Orchids All We Ever Wish Tzadik
18 Trephine Devil's Activist Public Guilt
19 Soilent Green A Scream Trapped Underwater Relapse / Suburban
20 Ramesses Cult Of Cyclops HCP
21 Bathtub Shitter Fuck You Power It Up
22 Karma Payment Plan No Real People, Just Cops Magnacarta
23 Leng Tch'e Remote Controlled Relapse / Suburban
24 Darkest Hour Tranquil Victory

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