Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 21 August 2005

1 Chastain Women Are Wicked Massacre
2 Sad But True Banannerepublik (DIY)
3 Sad But True System Overload (DIY)
4 Sad But True Con Sistema (DIY)
5 Sad But True Der Weg ist das Ziel (DIY)
6 Sad But True Estropiť (DIY)
7 Sad But True Witches In The Night (DIY)
8 Silverstein Always And Never Victory
9 As I Lay Dying Morning Waits Metal Blade
10 Desert Planet Breakout Button 9pm
11 Daniel Johnston Got to Get You into My Life Knitting Factory
12 Hidalgo Fear Loads Trouble Tapete
13 Cornflames This Is How It Feels Funtime
14 Nuclear Assault Price Of Freedom Steamhammer / SPV
15 Criminal Rise And Fall Metal Blade
16 After All Maze Of Being Dockyard 1
17 Symphorce Everlasting Life Metal Blade
18 Gjallarhorn 200 Years Of Fury Dragonheart
19 Jinxed At Twelve Romance On The Moon Magnacarta
20 Sad Eyed Lemurs (Track 7 from Pasuedon) (DIY)


Sad But True

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