Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 4 September 2005

1 Metric Noise Teenage Drunk Quartermain
2 Loodpool Welcome To Berlin Pink Ink
3 Rundfunk The Puppeteers Decoder
4 Supergroup Popolino Micropal
5 Tea Party Stargazer InsideOut
6 King's X Stay InsideOut
7 Nmemine A Day Like This Roadrunner
8 Silverstein Discovering The Waterfront Victory
9 Spitalfield Texa$ With A Dollar Sign Victory
10 The Forecast Exorcise Demons Victory
11 Boy Omega The Best Time Of The Year Decoder
12 Hyperjinx Tricycle Greg The Bunny Important
13 Eisenpimmel Wir haben ein im Tee und wählen APPD Teenage Rebel
14 Phinius Gage Fire's Burning Fond Of Life
15 ClickClickDecker Der Rhythmus, deine Eier Meerwert
16 Rise Up Sins For Sunday Winged Skull
17 Extinct Kill Or Be Killed Winged Skull
18 Sad But True Der Weg ist das Ziel (DIY)
19 Skeletor Rockit! Go Nuts
20 Powergod Screams From The Grave Massacre
21 Armistice Child Soldier Bad Lands
22 Armistice Trail Of Fear Bad Lands
23 Armistice Rabies Bad Lands



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