Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 12 February 2006

1 PAK You Like It Like That Ra Sounds
2 Sedan Vault Like A Scene From An Apocalyptic Film Funtime
3 Kitshickers And What Else Do You Need Winged Skull
4 Kitshickers To Be Happy Again Winged Skull
5 Kitshickers Cos Your Whole Life Winged Skull
6 Kitshickers You Were Already Dead Winged Skull
7 Sunn 0))) It Took The Night To Believe Southern Lord
8 Stasi/Disi Menschenvernichtungsmaschine Plattenfritz
9 Kassierer Seit 20 Jahren die selbe Nummer Teenage Rebel
10 Daniel Johnston Hoping Knitting Factory
11 Seven Mile Journey Passenger's Log, The Unity Fractions Fono'gram
12 Quantum Fantay Trip Escape Pete's Mushroomland
13 3 Alien Angel Metal Blade



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