Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 19 March 2006

1 Neaera The World Devourers Metal Blade
2 Ephel Duath Pleonasm Earache
3 Gory Blister 1.000 Eyes Mascot
4 Fragments Of Unbecoming Sterling Black Icon Metal Blade
5 Exhale The Lie Emetic
6 Akercocke Verdelet Earache
7 Sadus Cursed Mascot
8 Angel Blake Lycanthrope Metal Blade
9 Armistice Nail Me To The Cross Bad Land
10 Koroded Unhold Silverdust
11 Demiricous Cheat The Leader Metal Blade
12 Blechlatte Nudelsalat Tug
13 Daniel Johnston I Can't Think Anymore Stress
14 Electric Mullahs Antirok Theme (Them Beuce) Sociopathetic
15 DeadBoyDreaming Adult Song (Advance)
16 Nowonmai Inhibition Of Madness Furia
17 Atargatis Selina (Widow Of The Moon) Massacre
18 Mystic Prophecy Evil Empires Massacre
19 Eldritch Come To Life Limb
20 Decapitated A Poem About An Old Prison Man Earache
21 Torture Killer Heading Towards The Butchery Metal Blade
22 Torture Killer Forever Dead Metal Blade
23 Torture Killer Multiple Counts Of Murder Metal Blade


Torture Killer

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