Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 2 April 2006

1 Anajo Monika Tanzband Tapete
2 Phideaux Have You Hugged Your Robot? Bloodfish
3 Daniel Johnston I Feel So High Knitting Factory
4 Communicaution Justification Failed Winged Skull / Fond Of Life
5 When Skipjack Tripped Two From One Cloud Micropal
6 Yellowish This Is My Direction Quartermain
7 The Stuff Say Hello To Mary Ill Wind
8 Bayside Blame It On Bad Luck Victory
9 Smoking Popes Don't Be Afraid Victory
10 Streetlight Manifesto Dear Sergio Victory
11 Mistress Earth Died Screaming Earache
12 Mistress In The Shadow Of The Horns Earache
13 Cannibal Corpse Murder Worship Metal Blade
14 Crash\Zendo God 5: Depth Charge (A la recherche du son perdu / Under The Electric Storm) (DIY)
15 Principal Trade Center Uruck Hai TCP
16 Aggra Makabra Jetzt! Winged Skull
17 Six Pax Intro Troy
18 Planetakis Beautiful Today PIAS
19 Crash\Zendo God 3: Wonder Wazun (Merci / Battle Break) (DIY)
20 Gory Blister Skymorphosis Mascot
21 Gory Blister Sailing To Achernar Mascot
22 Gory Blister 1000 Eyes Mascot


Gory Blister

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