Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 9 April 2006

1 Gem Summertime Haldern Pop
2 The Yellow Press Heads On Sticks Silver Skate
3 Ewigkeit It's Not Reality Earache
4 Singsong Girl Hold Mi! (DIY)
5 Electric Mullahs Pimmel mit Ohren Sociopathetic
6 31knots Welcome To Stop Own
7 Tyr Eric The Red Napalm
8 Man Made Suicide (Track 1) (Demo)
9 >play!sedate Erised (DIY)
10 Confuse The Cat Backwards Zeal
11 Marvins Revolt Revolted Quartermain
12 Boxhamsters Beende deine Jugend L'Âge D'Or
13 Knut Whacked Out Hydra Head
14 Taint Cours ét Conquistadors Rise Above
15 Killing Joke Tabazan EG
16 Slackers Watch This Hellcat
17 Moonspell Finisterra Steamhammer / SPV
18 Low Gravity Circus Hoarse Monster Zero
19 Eisenpimmel Malle Mallorca Teenage Rebel
20 Jordan Automatic (Emergency Alert #3) (DIY)
21 The Stuff Your Libido Ill Wind
22 The Stuff Pl-pl-please Ill Wind
23 The Stuff Bad Day At Blood Beach Ill Wind


The Stuff

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