Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 14 May 2006

1 Comeback Kid Wake The Dead Victory
2 Sparkle Of Hope This Gun For Hire Funtime
3 Atreyu Shameful Victory
4 Abstract Rapture Dematerialized (DIY)
5 Classic Struggle From These Eyes Metal Blade
6 Phoenix Mourning From Afar Metal Blade
7 Helvete Hail Hate Dead Vibrations
8 Need Twinsoul (DIY)
9 Man Made Suicide Human-Inhuman (Demo)
10 Bathtub Shitter Bathtub Shitter Shitjam
11 Anal Thunder Lifelong Hangover Fullhouse
12 Razorblade Razorblade Rebellion
13 Elškelšiset Humppaneitsyt Tug / Humppa
14 DAAU Dispositioning System PIAS
15 Eternal Tango Saturday Night Monologue (DIY)
16 Daniel Johnston I Had Lost My Mind Stress
17 Cleaning Women Hotel Jungle Fever 9pm
18 Final Fantasy Many Lives -> 49mp Tomlab
19 Forecast And We All Return To Our Roots Victory
20 Sixtoys Kill Kill Kill Kill Funtime
21 Out Of The Lair Flying Surf Dead Sun
22 Koroded Scaretrade Silverdust
23 Koroded Unhold Silverdust
24 Koroded Embers Silverdust



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