Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 21 May 2006

1 Gjallarhorn The Day Odin Stood Still Dragonheart
2 Lordi Hard Rock Hallelujah Drakkar
3 Black Candle Lead Me To The Tombs (DIY)
4 Yorblind Hybrid Thundering
5 Cataract War Of Cultures Metal Blade
6 Path Of Resistance Against The Gale Victory
7 If Hope Dies Time Is Not On Our Side Ironclad / Metal Blade
8 Massive Assault Plead Not Guilty Crash Landing
9 Phideaux Chupacabras Bloodfish
10 dEFDUMp Going To Paris Self-Fulfillment
11 Mutiny On The Bounty Horton Hears A Who New Romance For Kids
12 Kill The Young Origin Of Illness Discograph
13 Ex-Inferis Delusions Of A Derelict Mind Dalitec
14 Fast Friday Liberation (DIY)
15 Daniel Johnston Country Song Sketchbook
16 Northern Liberties Angels With Broken Glass Teeth Worldeater
17 Seven That Spells Inhale Me / The Pink Garden Of Mistery RAIG
18 Potentia Animi Ave Maria Metal Blade
19 Potentia Animi Der verlorene Haufen Metal Blade
20 Potentia Animi Anima et anismus Metal Blade


Potentia Animi

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