Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 25 June 2006

1 Bluesbrothercastro Loaded Gun Decoder
2 Catch Twenty Two Party Song Victory
3 Slimboy Being Me Cargo
4 Anal Thunder (She's) Too Drunk To Fuck Fullhouse
5 When Tigers Fight Family Ties Indecision
6 Nights Like These Head Of Medusa Victory
7 Art Of Burning Water Standing Jubilantly Beneath The Sword Of Democles House Of Stairs
8 Kryzalid Alison Hell Thundering
9 Metal Church Watch The Children Pray 2006 Steamhammer / SPV
10 Abstract Rapture Latex Revolution (DIY)
11 Cellador Leaving All Behind Metal Blade
12 Inner Wish Travellers In Time Limb
13 Derek Sherinian In The Summertime InsideOut
14 Frost Snowman InsideOut
15 Couchgrass Washing Machine (DIY)
16 Bela B. & Denim Girl Are You Ready For Some Darkness Hopeless
17 Daniel Johnston Foolin' Sketchbook
18 Sermeq Silent Hunter (DIY)
19 The Go Set Union Man Karvin
20 Action Action Oh My Dear It's Just Chemical Frustration Victory
21 Tyr Dreams Napalm
22 Moonspell Finisterra Steamhammer / SPV
23 Moonspell Upon The Blood Of Men Steamhammer / SPV
24 Moonspell At The Image Of Pain Steamhammer / SPV



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