Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 2 July 2006

1 Circle Around The Zero Dirty Strings TCP
2 Fast Friday Step In Line (DIY)
3 Fast Friday For Personal Use Only (DIY)
4 Autumn Offering Decay Victory
5 Black Candle Meeting With The Beast (DIY)
6 Abstract Rapture Dead End Entry (DIY)
7 Sermeq White Sands (DIY)
8 Modular Clockwork Schizophrenic Frequency Amoeba
9 Eternal Tango Goodbye Concubine (DIY)
10 Eternal Tango Jackie Boy Is Leaving Town (DIY)
11 Daniel Johnston I Killed the Monster Knitting Factory
12 Dany Des Rues Mourir vieux Piot Piot
13 Ulme The Glowing Blunoise
14 LaFa Connected The Broadcast (DIY)
15 Metro Exploding! (DIY)
16 Six Pax Mamma Mia Troy
17 Six Pax Go Your Own Way Troy
18 Sleeping Listen Close Victory
19 Junior Varsity Peter Cottontail And The Demise Of The Carrot Tree Victory
20 Cataract Denial Of Life Metal Blade


Rock um Knuedler Special: Fast Friday, Eternal Tango, La Fa Connected, Six Pax

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