Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 6 August 2006

1 My Beloved Underground Breakdown Vicious / Fono'gram
2 Luke Close The File Tumbleweed / Winged Skull
3 Scab Me, Myself And I Smart Art / Radar
4 Go Set Bordeaux Karvin
5 Disliked Outsiders Ashcan
6 Catch Twenty-Two Alma Ata (1928) Victory
7 Sixtoys Heroes Funtime
8 Spellbind Fallout Modern Noise / Radar
9 Atreyu Creature Victory
10 Last Millennium Suckers Used To Be Amused Ashcan
11 Silverstein Smile In Your Sleep (A Crude Mechanical Remix) Victory
12 Action Action Smoke And Mirrors Victory
13 Daniel Johnston I Know What I Want Stress
14 Sermeq Zen Garden (DIY)
15 Zao Pudgy Young Blondes With Lobotomy Eyes Ferret
16 Spawn Of Possession Eve Of Contempt Neurotic
17 Unearth Giles Metal Blade
18 Moonspell Blood Tells Steamhammer / SPV
19 Hawg Jaw Worse Case Emetic
20 Cataract Spitting Hate Metal Blade
21 Halo Of Shadows Burn In Depths Massacre
22 Halo Of Shadows Trapped In Infinity Massacre
23 Halo Of Shadows Follow And Fall Massacre


Halo Of Shadows

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