Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 19 November 2006

1 Mimi Secue Something Sometimes Karate Joe
2 Disillusion Avalanche Metal Blade
3 Ellipsis Perfect Rage Thundering
4 Twelve Tribes History Versus The Pavement Ferret
5 Karma Lounge Comet (DIY)
6 Hitch Nothing To Regret Vlas Vegas
7 Monochrome Zweibruch Sticksister
8 Uzi & Ari Mountain/Molehill Own
9 DeadBoyDreaming Swallow My Silence (DIY)
10 Maximilian Hecker Kate Moss Kitty Yo
11 Le Singe Blanc Darjeeling Acracia
12 NoMeansNo Now Alternative Tentacles
13 Cesare Basile Hellequin Song Mescal
14 Planetakis Beautiful Today PIAS
15 Holy National Victims She, Her Pink Spaceship & Me Winged Skull
16 Daniel Johnston I Save Cigarette Butts Stress
17 Solitude Aeturnus Scent Of Death Massacre
18 Blackshine Cure In The Shape Of Noise Dockyard1
19 Zandelle Dragon's Hoard Limb


Queesch Festival

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