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Playlist 4 March 2007

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Couchgrass I Love My Teevee King Camden Took A Brush And Drowned His Hair In Gasoline (DIY)
2 Sibyl Vane Bananas Marmelada De Tomate Bcore
3 Poison The Well Breathing's For The Birds Versions Ferret
4 Cuba Missouri Bitter Square This Year's Lucky Charms Make My Day
5 Predominant Lunatics Another War Thirteen Lost Souls Aurora
6 Four Day Hombre The First Word Is The Hardest Experiments The Living Alamo
7 The Grand Opening Get Out This Is Nowhere To Be Found Tapete
8 Pavilon M2 Desperate Legacy Safety About Your Glass Face Free Dimension
9 Daniel Johnston I'll Do Anything But Break Dance For Ya, Darling Retired Boxer Stress
10 Bluesbrothercastro The Tracks Fun Rara
11 Robert Jackson Land Of 1000 Suns Twilight Theatre AIF
12 Q Box Silent Dream Pentenridian Space Cowboys One Louder
13 Grave Digger Silent Revolution Liberty Or Death Locomotive
14 Planetakis Beautiful Today Beautiful Today EP Crafty
15 Ophidian Human Burden Suffering Dreaming (DIY)
16 Ex-Inferis Seek No Salvation Defunctus In Heresi DaliTec / Noiseworks
17 Skyline Symmetry Fear Fear (DIY)
18 Alec Empire Terror Alert: High Futurist DHC
19 Symphorce Condemned Become Death Metal Blade
20 Lyssa Koponya Zwei Kessel Buntes Noiseworks
21 Der Tante Renate 666 Deluxe Schecter Audiolith
22 Der Tante Renate Cardiac Schecter Audiolith
23 Der Tante Renate Computerspiele Simplex Audiolith


Der Tante Renate

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