Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 11 March 2007

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Six Pax There She Goes Thank You For These Songs! (DIY)
2 Excalion Yövartic Waterlines Limb
3 Edu Falaschi King Almah AFM
4 Dominici Greed, The Evil Seed O3 - A Trilogy, Part 2 InsideOut
5 Saxon If I Was You The Inner Sanctum Steamhammer / SPV
6 Type O Negative Profits Of Doom Dead Again Steamhammer / SPV
7 Distress Ignorant Years Others Thundering
8 Demiurg Flesh Festival Breath Of The Demiurg Mascot
9 Malnatt Eretico Ermetico Ermeneutico Happy Days CCP
10 Midwinter Seed Of Pain The Glassy Waters Thundering
11 Forget Cassettes Nicholas Salt Theory 8
12 And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead So Divided So Divided Interscope
13 Daniel Johnston I'll Never Marry Hi, How Are You Stress
14 Lincoln Hawk WH55 Vertigo 187 Session A Prod
15 Pyro Cheshire Cat Smile Stab In The Back Thundering
16 Greenland Whalefishers Loboville Loboville Rough Diamond
17 Wad-Billys Crash Your Party Crash Your Party Schnitz
18 Dorn Windtränen Spiegel der Unendlichkeit CCP
19 Helloween Mrs God Live In Sao Paolo Steamhammer / SPV
20 Helloween Dr Stein Live In Sao Paolo Steamhammer / SPV


Helloween (Part 1)

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