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Playlist 13 May 2007

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Cleaning Women Aelita Aelita - The Queen Of Mars 9pm
2 Grand Island The Inbetween Is The Everything Say No To Sin Haldern Pop
3 Holmes All In Against The Law I Thought Of The Law Häleri
4 Agrarians A Holiday On The Lady All Patrol The Alchemist / The Glamour Of The Boys MT6
5 Newagehillbilly Control Factor MT6 Records 2007 Sampler MT6
6 Daniel Johnston An Incoherent Speech The What Of Whom Stress
7 C-Rom My Madness The Winding Star Thundering
8 Xicon Protoplaston Theogony Thundering
9 Kristendom Le Souffle Animal Awakening The Chaos Thundering
10 MZ Last Of A Long Line Nostalgic Heroes Thundering
11 Black Rain Gods Of Metal Black Rain Thundering
12 Southern Cross You Shall Be Damned Rise Above Thundering
13 Versus You Crush Marathon Fond Of Life
14 Twelve Tribes The Recovery In Three Parts Midwest Pandemic Ferret
15 Everwaiting Serenade Starspreading Implosion The Caress (DIY)
16 Porn Again Fucking Pussies Demo-EP (Demo)
17 Soultamer Feel It The Remedy Comes In Disguise Rough Diamond
18 Death Before Dishonor Infected Count Me In Bridge Nine
19 Korpiklaani Let's Drink Tervaskanto Napalm
20 Misery Signals The Failsafe Mirrors Ferret
21 Misery Signals Anchor Mirrors Ferret
22 Misery Signals Sword Of Eyes Mirrors Ferret


Misery Signals

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