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Playlist 3 June 2007

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Disen Gâge Augenapfel The Screw-Loose Entertainment RAIG
2 Torpid Btaw Fraiseman (DIY)
3 The Audience Dressed Up Celluloid Hazelwood
4 Porn Again Asked For Demo-EP (Demo)
5 Mob Wait For Me Polygon Quartermain
6 Mit Deine Eltern Theatre de Nuit Haute Areal / Eveil
7 Egotronic Lustprinzip Audiolith Sampler 2007 Audiolith
8 Daniel Johnston It's Impossible Lost And Found Sketchbook
9 Death By Kite Sweet M Death By Kite Quartermain
10 Junior Varsity The Importance Of Being Important Cinematographic Victory
11 Generators Plastic Roses Welcome To The End People Like You
12 Daturah Lovelight Daturah Graveface
13 Do Make Say Think Executioner’s Blues You, You’re A History In Rust Constellation
14 Motörhead (We Are) The Roadcrew Ace Of Spades Bronze
15 Endearment Crash Kids We Are The Factory Meerwert
16 Forever In Terror Destroy Us Restless In The Tides Metal Blade
17 Shargath Cheese Us Bowel Sounds Of A Deaf Man (DIY)
18 Adrift Ramses Waterloo Underhill
19 Somniae Status Evil Thought Echoes Dragonheart
20 Somniae Status Selling Souls Echoes Dragonheart
21 Somniae Status Dark City Echoes Dragonheart


Somniae Status

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