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Playlist 17 June 2007

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Zao Physician Heal Thyself The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here Ferret
2 Moksha The Nemesis Summer Waterloo Underhill
3 Murderer's Row Street Punk Beer Fueled Mayhem Rebellion
4 Far From Finished Disaster Living In The Fallout People Like You
5 Broilers Meine Sache Vanitas People Like You
6 Damnation A.D. Jigsaw In This Life Or The Next Victory
7 A Perfect Murder Label Me War Of Aggression Victory
8 Aerolithe Drawing Worry Fall Of The Leafe Firefox
9 Souldrainer Internal Suicide Reborn Mascot
10 Riefenstahl Augen auf Instinkt Rude
11 Fahrenheit 212 Neues vom Hexer Neues vom Hexer Bellaphon
12 Iron Savior Running Riot Megatropolis Dockyard 1
13 Mindflow Upload-Spirit Mind Over Body Unlock Your Mind
14 London Sofa Space 99 Everybody Wants To Have A Good Life (DIY)
15 Miaow Miaow Meeting At The Hospital Summertime For A Lifetime (DIY)
16 Modest Mouse We've Got Everything We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank Epic
17 Versus You An Artist With A Self-Portrait Has No Imagination Marathon Fond Of Life
18 dEFDUMp Walk On Water This Is Forevermore Winged Skull
19 Electric Mullahs Feind Inside Kattuwattmittanfaan'n??? (DIY)
20 Daniel Johnston It's Real The Lost Recordings Stress
21 Ruiner The Lives We Fear Prepare To Be Let Down Bridge Nine
22 Mitote Beten zählt erst wenn du blutest Starter Red Can
23 Vintersorg Döpt I En Jökel Solens Rötter Napalm
24 Vintersorg Idétemplet Solens Rötter Napalm
25 Vintersorg Naturens Mystär Solens Rötter Napalm



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