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Playlist 22 July 2007

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Disliked Outsiders Fresh Trash Ashcan
2 Fabulous Disaster Auto Pilot Love At First Fight I Scream
3 Death By Kite Himmelfahrtskommando Death By Kite Quartermain
4 Rosemary Promise, Swear Tracks For A Lifetime Minimal Chords
5 Tunesmith What's It All About Die Rache der Erholungssuchenden Milchmann
6 Zhivago Something Special Zhivago
7 Dany Des Rues Volcan Mucus Minute Piot Piot
8 Daniel Johnston Joy Without Pleasure Songs Of Pain Stress
9 Agrarians Of These Citizens' Hearts Taking The Vixens Out (DIY)
10 Ai Phoenix He Kisses The Streets I Walk The Light Shines Almost All The Way Glitterhouse
11 Zimmermänner Christiane Paul Fortpflanzungssupermarkt ZickZack / What's So Funny About
12 Mouth Curved Moonlike Familiar Evil Faces Mouth Curved Moonlike EP (DIY)
13 Calaveras Come Down Calaveras Sweet Home / Tumbleweed
14 DoomSword Death Of Ferdia My Name Will Live On Dragonheart
15 Svartahrid Sadness And Wrath Sadness And Wrath Soulseller
16 ChthoniC Indigenous Laceration A Decade On The Throne Tra / SPV
17 Disavowed Treason Stagnated Existence Neurotic
18 Severance Rejuvena-Dead Suffering In Humanity Goregiastic
19 Deathkiller Take Me To Your Bleeder New England Is Sinking I Scream
20 Shargath Dying At A Trendy Party Bowel Sounds Of A Deaf Man (DIY)
21 Visions Of Atlantis The Secret Trinity Napalm
22 Visions Of Atlantis Nothing Left Trinity Napalm
23 Visions Of Atlantis Wing-Shaped Heart Trinity Napalm


Visions Of Atlantis

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