Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 26 August 2007

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Goatwhore Wear These Scars Of Testimony A Haunting Curse Metal Blade
2 Neaera Spearheading The Spawn Armamentarium Metal Blade
3 Neaera Synergy Armamentarium Metal Blade
4 Neaera Armamentarium Armamentarium Metal Blade
5 Neaera The Escape From Escapism Armamentarium Metal Blade
6 Neaera Liberation Armamentarium Metal Blade
7 Zonaria The Last Endeavour Infamy And The Breed Pivotal
8 Absence The Murder Riders Of The Plague Metal Blade
9 Machinemade God Voices Masked Metal Blade
10 A Life Once Lost Worship Iron Gag Ferret
11 Darkest Hour Tunguska Deliver Us Victory
12 Every Time I Die We'rewolf The Big Dirty Ferret
13 Red Chord Seminar Prey For Eyes Metal Blade
14 C-187 Collision Collision Mascot
15 Sikfuk Teabagged At Birth Teabagged At Birth Goregiastic
16 Fueled By Fire Betrayal Spread The Fire Metal Blade



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