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Playlist 7 October 2007

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Pendikel Falsche Freunde Don't Cry, Mondgesicht Blunoise
2 Dust Dive Babyface In A Pickup Truck Claws Of Light Own
3 Daniel Johnston Lazy Songs Of Pain Stress
4 I Was A Teenage Satan Worshipper Cheaters Tervetuloa Kioskiin Vol. 4 Humppa
5 Six Pax Bandit-Girl Bandits (DIY)
6 Crash My Deville You Sell A Bit Of Composure Please Glamour, Don't Hurt 'em Redfield
7 Meleeh Malign Heartland I For Us
8 Straightaway Democracy Of Spreading Poverty Democracy Of Spreading Poverty Fond Of Life
9 Spider Rockets Facing Fear Ever After Locomotive
10 Animal Alpha Bundy Pheromones Premium
11 La-Ventura Only Love Will Find Its Way A New Beginning (DIY)
12 Sinamore The Burning Frame Seven Sins A Second Napalm
13 Syrach Are You Able To Breathe Fire? Days Of Wrath Napalm
14 Straws White Line Tales Of An Everyday Life (DIY)
15 Matmatah La Cerise La Cerise Barclay
16 Everwaiting Serenade Starspreading Implosion The Caress (DIY)
17 Black Bomb A One Sound Bite To React One Sound Bite To React Universal
18 Mix Master Mike Live Beatdown 04 Live Beatdown Volume 1 Omni
19 Brockdorff Klang Labor Frohe Schritte Mädchenmusik What's So Funny About?
20 Minipli Washing The Money Love Is For The Fishis Radar / Comet
21 Bikini Machine Bikini Theme An Introduction To Bikini Machine Platinum
22 Mekong Delta Immortal Hate Lurking Fear AFM
23 Mekong Delta Allegro Lurking Fear AFM
24 Mekong Delta Ratters Lurking Fear AFM


Mekong Delta

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