Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 11 November 2007

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Enhuma The Last Cartoon La tête dans la chèvre Figurine Burlesque
2 Three Headed Monster Perfect Plex Three Headed Monster Melissa
3 Shatter Messiah Idolater God Burns Like Flesh Dockyard 1
4 Fatal Injury Nothing Returns Fatal Injury Aural Offerings
5 Mortal Sin Out Of The Darkness An Absence Of Faith Armageddon
6 Lizzy Borden Appointment With Death Appointment With Death Metal Blade
7 Icarus Witch Written In The Stars Songs For The Lost Cruz Del Sur
8 Ignitor Road Of Bones Road Of Bones Cruz Del Sur
9 Tourettes Clean Treason Songs Armageddon
10 Walls Of Jericho Home Is Where The Heart Is The Bound Feed The Gagged Trustkill
11 Astpai Hard To Manage Broken Windows Corruption Concealed Under Deceptive Slogans Fond Of Life
12 Crime In Stereo Third Atlantic Crime In Stereo Is Dead Bridge Nine
13 Ambitions The Illusion Stranger Bridge Nine
14 The Ocean Siderian / Rhyacian Precambrian Metal Blade
15 Vesania Narrenschyff Distractive Killusions Napalm
16 Holophonics Landing Pax A Land To End My Flight Thundering
17 Element Mes démons Nos Corps Perdus Thundering
18 Demiricous Never Enough Road Two (Poverty) Metal Blade
19 Full Blown Chaos The Hard Goodbye Heavy Lies The Crown Ferret
20 Darkest Hour Sanctuary Deliver Us Victory
21 Darkest Hour An Etherean Drain Deliver Us Victory
22 Darkest Hour Tunguska Deliver Us Victory


Darkest Hour

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