Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 18 November 2007

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Ellipsis Green Kommando Imperial Tzadik Thundering
2 Dust Bowl Thrown To You Drops Of Chaos Thundering
3 Eternal Flight Under The Sign Of Will Under The Sign Of Will Thundering
4 Mystic Prophecy Dark Forces Dark Forces (Single) Massacre
5 Primordial Failures Burden To The Nameless Dead Metal Blade
6 Fury'n'Grace Burning Cathedrals Tales Of The Grotesque And The Arabesque Dragonheart
7 Necromantia Order Of The Black Sphinx The Sound Of Lucifer Storming Heaven Dockyard 1
8 Chthonic Revert To Mortal Territory Pandemonium Deathlight / Tra
9 Svartsot Nidvisen Ravnenes Saga Napalm
10 Lay Down Rotten Reconquering The Pit Reconquering The Pit Metal Blade
11 Ensis Last Gulp Overture (The Burning Shrine Of Hypocrisy) (DIY)
12 Ephel Duath Vector (Third Movement) Pain Necessary To Know Earache
13 Clean State Heresy (untitled advance) (DIY)
14 Daniel Johnston Like A Monkey In A Zoo Songs Of Pain Stress
15 Joyfalds Plan B Rails (DIY)
16 Reapers Anywhere But Here World In Chains Dockyard 1
17 Desaster Angel Extermination 666 – Satan’s Soldiers Syndicate Metal Blade
18 Desaster Fate Forever Flesh 666 – Satan’s Soldiers Syndicate Metal Blade
19 Desaster Hellbangers 666 – Satan’s Soldiers Syndicate Metal Blade



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