Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 30 December 2007

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Mardi Life Is Lonely The Exile Itch Hazelwood
2 Hubertus Nie mehr Nie mehr Micropal
3 Agrarians And Far-Off Away Games This Psychedelik Wilderness Well-Dressed
4 Daniel Johnston Lonely Heartbreak Danny And The Nightmares (DIY)
5 Chip Hanna & The Berlin Three Beetle Boot Old South Jamboree People Like You
6 Streetlight Manifesto The Blonde Lead The Blind Somewhere In The Between Victory
7 Total Chaos Tomb Of Doom Avoid All Sides People Like You
8 Inhuman What You Want Last Rites I Scream
9 Nights Like These Claw Your Way Out Sunlight At Secondhand Victory
10 The Ocean Tonian Precambrian Metal Blade
11 Colosseum Saturnine Vastness Chapter 1: Delirium Firebox
12 Draconian When I Wake Turning Season Within Napalm
13 I Knew It: Hurray! Zugegeben es ist New Hits: Hurray! (DIY)
14 Cleaning Women Hotel Jungle Fever Aelita 9pm
15 Alestorm The Huntmaster Captain Morgan's Revenge Napalm
16 Lizzy Borden Tomorrow Never Comes Appointment With Death Metal Blade
17 Mortal Sin Eye In The Sky An Absence Of Faith Armageddon
18 Ancient Creation Sphere Evolution Bound Melissa
19 Distress Ignorant Years Others Thundering
20 Distress Measured Others Thundering



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