Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 9 March 2008

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Distress Herm-Aphrodite Bells Others Thundering
2 Mourners Lament Suffocation Hopes Unbroken Solemnity Descent
3 Midnattsol Skogens Lengsel Nordlys Napalm
4 Cor Scorpii Endesong Monument Descent
5 Hate Squad Rise Up Degüello Wartunes Dockyard 1
6 Eminence The God Of All Mistakes The God Of All Mistakes Locomotive
7 Antillectual Testimony Testimony Shield
8 Trip Fontaine Astronaut Dinosaurs In Rocketships Redfield
9 Ghost Of Tom Joad Köln - Brüssel - Paris No Sleep Until Ostkreuz Richard Mohlmann
10 Fidget Stalewater Ashes & Dust Redfield
11 Playfellow Wolves Penumbra Sweet Home
12 Scarlet Street Resistance Save Your Self The Big Steal Big Room Co.
13 Daniel Johnston Lost Without A Dime Don't Be Scared Stress
14 Agrarians Be My Wife Meet We The Medicine MT6
15 Giovanni Ferrario New Car Headquarter Delirium Pocket Heaven
16 The Dance Inc. Matador Matador (Single) Audiolith
17 Plemo vs. Rampue feat. Jessica Drosten Excess Express Excess Express (Single) Audiolith
18 Audition Heaven For The Weather Champion Victory
19 Tvesla Roboter II Demo 2005 (DIY)
20 blessthefall Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad His Last Walk Ferret
21 blessthefall Rise Up His Last Walk Ferret
22 blessthefall Times Like These His Last Walk Ferret



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