Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 23 March 2008

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Redemption The Suffocating Silence The Origins Of Ruin InsideOut
2 Assailant Wicked Dream Wicked Dream Dockyard 1
3 Winter's Verge Eternal Damnation Eternal Damnation Limb
4 Powers Court The Prophecy The Red Mist Of Endenmore Dragonheart
5 Gun Barrel M.I.L.F. Outlaw Invasion Limb
6 Abstract Rapture The Void Democadencia Maddening Media
7 Cataract Snake Skin Cataract Metal Blade
8 Carach Angren A Strange Presence Near The Woods Lammendam Maddening Media
9 Uninvited Guest Abigail Malice In Wonderland Maddening Media
10 Forever Slave Say Good-Bye Tales For Bad Girls Wacken / SPV
11 Dominici March Into Hell O3 A Trilogy - Part 3 InsideOut
12 Machinemade God With You Masked Metal Blade
13 Metro She Went Under She Went Under (Single) (DIY)
14 Ilis Changer le sort Demo 2005 (Demo)
15 Misery Signals Sword Of Eyes Mirrors Ferret
16 Furniture Postcards Twilight Chases The Sun Planet Of Sounds
17 Daniel Johnston Love The Lost Recordings 2 Stress
18 Walls Of Jericho Ember Drive Redemption Trustkill
19 Babylon Mystery Orchestra Illuminati Axis Of Evil (DIY)
20 Dead Identities Long Way Out Music For The Waiting Room Yesterday’s Gone
21 Dead Identities 13 Days Music For The Waiting Room Yesterday’s Gone
22 Dead Identities Wednesday Night Music For The Waiting Room Yesterday’s Gone


Dead Identities

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