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Playlist 13 April 2008

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Miaow Miaow Rio Summertime For A Lifetime (DIY)
2 Hottness Dearly Departed Stay Classy Ferret
3 Ghost Of Tom Joad Köln - Brüssel - Paris No Sleep Until Ostkreuz Richard Mohlmann
4 Greeley Estates Go West Young Man Go West Young Man, Let The Evil Go East Ferret
5 Soilent Green Mental Acupuncture Inevitable Collapse In The Presence Of Conviction Metal Blade
6 Red Harvest Dead (Sick Transit Gloria Mundi - 2002 :: ReFactor 2008) The Red Line Archives Indie
7 Trinacria The Silence Travel Now Journey Infinitely Indie
8 Suidakra Heresy 13 Years Of Celtic Wartunes Wacken / SPV
9 Mar De Grises Kilómetros De Nada Draining The Waterheart Firebox
10 Furniture I Am Ying Twilight Chases The Sun Planet Of Sounds
11 Lack Watchmen Saturate Every Atom Play/Rec
12 Ophidian Fade Suffering/Dreaming (DIY)
13 Clanrock Amber Fields Of Grain Flight Of The Phoenix Sandman
14 Daniel Johnston Love Forever Rejected Unknown Gammon
15 Black Halos Princess St. Princess We Are Not Alone People Like You
16 Man Made Suicide Fucking Bitch Song Demo 2008 (DIY)
17 Endzweck Coercion Of Love The Grapes Of Wrath I For Us
18 Antillectual I Hate Myself When I Shave Myself Testimony Shield
19 My Shameful Deity Of Retribution Descend Firebox
20 This Is A Standoff You Won’t Pass Be Excited Funtime
21 This Is A Standoff Underwater Be Excited Funtime
22 This Is A Standoff Where I Can’t Be Heard Be Excited Funtime


This Is A Standoff

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