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Playlist 4 May 2008

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Manticora Beauty Will Fade The Black Circus (Part II: Disclosure) Locomotive
2 Allella Boyz Split Allella Allella Time Winged Skull
3 Angst vor Clowns Albert Hoffmann Angst vor Clowns Blunoise
4 AFI Kill Caustic Decemberunderground Interscope
5 Retrace My Fragments Frozen Vertizontal (DIY)
6 Everwaiting Serenade The Next Weekend Revolution Demo 2007 (DIY)
7 Miaow Miaow Go Back To Studies Summertime For A Lifetime (DIY)
8 Luke How Long Is Too Long The Order Failed The Dream Tumbleweed / Winged Skull
9 Mutiny On The Bounty World Domino Championship Split CD (DIY)
10 dEFDUMp Lament Manifest This Is Forevermore Winged Skull
11 John McAsskill School's Out Split-10" Noiseworks
12 Six Pax feat. Thorunn Time Of My Life Bandits (Single) (DIY)
13 Nada Surf Popular High / Low Elektra
14 Fanfare Ciocarlia Sirba De La Zece Prajini Radio Pascani Piranha
15 Daniel Johnston Love Is Like A Toy Why Me? Trikont
16 Epicurean Lithograph A Consequence of Design Metal Blade
17 Jaya The Cat Goodmorning Late Night Transmissions With... I Scream
18 Jaya The Cat Night Bus Late Night Transmissions With... I Scream
19 Jaya The Cat Closing Time Late Night Transmissions With... I Scream


Food For Your Senses (Festival), Jaya The Cat

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