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Playlist 29 June 2008

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Phideaux Candybrain Doomsday Afternoon Bloodfish
2 Serge Tonnar Wann d'Cannabis grouss sinn Pärele bei d'Sei Maskénada
3 De Läb Stop zum Boom D'Wourecht EP (DIY)
4 Abigail Shark Hey Demo (Demo)
5 The Poem Is You Emile The Promised South K&F
6 When Skipjack Tripped Maybe In 100 Years Headphone Home Micropal
7 King's X Move XV InsideOut
8 Roger Miret & The Disasters Once Were Warriors Where The Bad Boys Rock 4 People Like You
9 Enemy Rose Coming Down Promises We'll Never Keep I Scream
10 Airbourne Runnin' Wild Runnin' Wild Roadrunner
11 Pilgrimz Shake-A-Feather Boar Riders I Scream
12 36 Crazyfists Only A Year Or So... The Tide And Its Takers Ferret
13 The Burden Longing For Sickness The Burden (DIY)
14 Hal Flavin Rock Face Hal Flavin LiLi Is Pi
15 Metro She Went Under She Went Under (Single) (DIY)
16 Eric Rosenfeld Pretty Pretty 529 Winged Skull
17 Daniel Johnston Lullaby Don't Be Scared Stress
18 Agrarians We're All About The Lady Sings! Chauvinistas (DIY)
19 Tribal Logic Detective Freaky Karma RAIG
20 Jesse Krakow Hello People World Without Nachos Eh? / Public Eyesore
21 Time Of Orchids Parade of Seasons Namesake Caution Cuneiform
22 Fast 'N' Bulbous Abba Zabba Pork Chop Blue Around The Rind Cuneiform
23 Jesse Krakow Oceans In The Sun Oceans In The Sun Public Eyesore


Jesse Krakow

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