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Playlist 6 July 2008

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Hume Welcome To Dudetown We Are Hume Dudetown
2 Glitter And Trauma This Cold War (unreleased) (DIY)
3 Glitter And Trauma Daisy's Apartment (unreleased) (DIY)
4 Granny's Favouritz Lazy Days Lazy Days (DIY)
5 Metro She Went Under She Went Under (single) (DIY)
6 Metro Middlemen Metro (DIY)
7 Metro Less Than Zero (unreleased) (DIY)
8 Fast Friday Fashion Is Dead Gambling With The Truth (DIY)
9 Traumkapitńn Godson Virtue Comical (DIY)
10 Babyoil Freak Show Score Winged Skull
11 Versus You Comme ci, comme ša This Is The Sinking Winged Skull
12 Babyoil White Lines Score Winged Skull
13 Versus You Weak This Is The Sinking Winged Skull
14 Miaow Miaow Rio Summertime For A Lifetime (DIY)
15 Miaow Miaow Hitmaker Summertime For A Lifetime (DIY)
16 Sulivan Neon Moonlight And Black Lovers On A Bad Day (DIY)
17 Las Ma˝anitas Freaktheater Neo Pop Orient Noiseworks
18 Cog The Movie's Over Sharing Space Superball


Rock um Knuedler Special with Glittar And Trauma, Metro, Babyoil, Versus You, Miaow Miaow

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