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Playlist 17 August 2008

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Kunn and the Magic Muffins feat. Uranami Fire On Babylon Don't Burn My Paradise Winged Skull / Ashcan
2 Cico & Corbi Däin Kampf Winged Skull Summer Compilation Winged Skull
3 Junior Achiever Suburbs All The Little Letdowns Engineer
4 Lower Definition The Choreographer The Greatest Of All Lost Arts Ferret
5 My So Called Life Revenge Against The Black Hearted Fairies On Phonelines And Letterheads Engineer
6 Zebrahead Mental Health Phoenix Steamhammer / SPV
7 When We Fall An Act In The Culture We Untrue Our Minds I For Us
8 The Change Sleepwalk Casualties The Deer Moss Murders I Scream
9 North Side Kings This Means War Suburban Royalty I Scream
10 Ceremony He - God - Has Favored Our Undertakings Still Nothing Moves You Bridge Nine
11 36 Crazyfists Only A Year Or So... The Tide And Its Takers Ferret
12 Misery Signals Labyrinthian Controller Ferret
13 Have Heart Brotherly Love Songs To Scream At The Sun Bridge Nine
14 Verse Earth And Stone Aggression Bridge Nine
15 Bandgeek Mafia With Me Tonight Paint Your Target Long Beach
16 Inborn Tragedy Of Breathing Chef d'Oeuvre The Finest Noise
17 Clean State Sincerely Yours (Advance) (DIY)
18 Eternal Tango Lady Berlin And The Acrobats (Episode 1) First Round At The Sissi Café Anker
19 Grand Island The Inbetween Is The Everything Say No To Sin Haldern Pop
20 Kettcar Graceland (Computer Remix) Nullsummenspiel (Single) Audiolith
21 Trustgame Good-Bye Harbour Trustgame Limited Access
22 Gorath Abraxas Misotheism Descent
23 Vulture Industries Pills Of Conformity The Dystopia Journals Dark Essence
24 Vulture Industries Blood Don’t Flow Streamlined The Dystopia Journals Dark Essence
25 Vulture Industries Soulcage The Dystopia Journals Dark Essence


Vulture Industries

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